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Friday, February 11, 2011

Previously, I want to say thank you for you, who deign to use this template. I just wanted to just share with you what I have. After reading the Terms of Service (TOS) from this template, here I give the use of procedures or instructions which some widgets or accessories included with this template.

Header Image

The most appropriate image size for images and logos on this template is 480 x 60 px. If you do not want to use a picture or logo in the header, this template also provides enough space for writing your blog header and description. While the column beside the logo on the right position, there is space for banners or adsense with a size of 468 x 60.

Horizontal Navigation

For horizontal navigation facilities, this template has two navigation menu which is right at the bottom of the column header. Both the navigation menu is made in the form of simple but still look elegant. To use it, please open a tab to edit html section of your template (you do not have to expand). After that, locate the following code menupic and menupic2. Replace the code # with your link url address, along with the name of an existing link desired.

Sidebar Columns

This sidebar column template I provide fourth pieces. One of for post column, and tree sidebar for widget. Sidebar column with size, 300 px wide and two for 160 px wide. And the footer column, this template have 3 widget column with 300 px wide for all.

Adsense Formats

To answer the needs of businesses in the online world, I am trying to adapt the shape and size of the adsense on this template. There are several columns that are suitable for adsense, namely: adsense 468x60 px in the top corner, 300 x 250 px and 160 x 600 px adsense for sidebar column.

Last, for widget section below the post area, put your feed there. Starting feed with secont post. Simple way, just open your page tab, and add feed widget with this code Save your template and see result.

If there is any question about this template, please visited my personal blog at and or contact me via email at herdiansyahweb [at] anda mail [at]

Warm Regards, -
Herdiansyah Hamzah
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